The long history of England is evident by the many castles, forts, bridges and monuments erected in memory of long-ago events and people.
These alone give this country an aura of historical resonance.
The country is fairly flat, but the expanses of lush, green vegetation, narrow roads, and stone houses certainly grant it
a quaint beauty all its own. The coastal regions are well populated and promise stunning vistas.

London is the capital city of England.
This city is an ever-bustling metropolis that has successfully combined modern amenities with quaint historical charm.
The old buildings and awesome tourist attractions lend it an old-fashioned air,
despite the thousands of locals rushing to and fro as they carry on their everyday routine.

The country is a most rewarding destination. Not only is it rich in its historical and cultural spheres,
but these elements have played a major role in most other countries in the world.
Therefore, travellers from around the world are able to identify with much of its heritage,
recognising the influence this had on their own culture and development.


England Central
Devon & Cornwall
Lake District

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