Things to do in Belgrade.
So you’ve already explored Barcelona. Paris and London. It’s time to look for a new destination? Meet Belgrade in Serbia !

This relatively unknown city has been named one of the cheapest destination cities in Europe in 2013 by budget travel site.
The price of Travel and offers make this an attractive mix of culture , nature, water and a vibrant nightlife .
Belgrade is the budget trip par excellence and in addition there is also plenty of free to do things in the Serbian capital .
Here’s Seven free tips to know in a row !

1. Couchsurfing in Belgrade.
Staying with locals is the ideal way to explore a destination.

2. Belgian Belgrade Greeters
Greeters are now a global phenomenon and you can find them in Belgrade also.
During this unique tour you will see the city through the eyes of a local.
See the local customs and traditions during a walk of a few hours and discover places that are not described In travel guides.





3. Visit Belgrade Kalemegdan Park and Fortkalemegdan park.
The viewpoint of Belgrade is Belgrade Fortress .
Get a nice view of the junction of the rivers Danube and Sava and the city skyline .
The fort was built by the Austrians after the city was conquered by the Turks and is over 2000 years old.
Here you will also find a military museum , remains of churches , gates , towers and the Kalemegdan park.








On hot days stay for a pleasant to stay in the park .
Young families, amorous couples and lovers of chess come here to relax and enjoy the greenery and the view .
The historic center of Belgrade is at the park during the day where the motto is ‘shop ‘ til you drop !

4. Discover the St. Sava Church
The St. Sava Church is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world and a beautiful sight that dominates the cityscape .
The church is dedicated to Saint Sava , founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church .
You can also explore the park of the church, where families and young people enjoy the beautiful weather and the omgeving.Ada Ciganlija, during the summer.

5 . Sunbathing & Swimming at Ada Ciganlija
Bright sunshine the Sava River and more than 70 restaurants and cafes means Ada Ciganlija has everything a beach town should have .
A day sunbathing and swimming is one thing but this island is also suitable for various activities like cycling, skating & golf .





6. Enjoy the sunset at the Sava river
The Sava River is a pictureperfect location. Lovers of photography and beautiful sunsets adore this place.
Take a seat on the Brankov Most bridge and enjoy the view over Belgrade city .
Both during the day , at sunset and in the evening it offers a picture-perfect view over the old town .

7.Nightlife like New York in the Balkans
Belgrade is known as the New York of the Balkans, according to the Lonely Planet , the Serbian city offers some of the best nightlife in the world!
If you want nightlife you can visit various clubs , bars and (floating ) nightclubs along the banks of the Danube and Sava .
The clubs Mladost and Ludost are highly recommended. These are located next to each other.
There are no entrance fees. Choose Ludost ( upbeat , dance music with a younger crowd ) or Mladost (dance , 80’s & 90’s music with a 25 + audience ) .
The names of the clubs also reveal what you can expect as Ludost means ‘crazy’ and Mladost means ‘youth’ .