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Cruise will be 10 / 14 days depending on choice.
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Competition closes on January 1st 2014.

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469 thoughts on “Competitions.”

  1. Hi guys just got a phonecall of my friend, she read it on facebook (don’t even have fb) i just can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!! i had to read it 5 times first before i did believe it. Called my mum but she read it too woop woop woop, taking the afternoon off to celebrate, thank you TOP TRAVEL EUROPE for this once in a lifetime prize, i will answer the email as soon as i come home.. i may be drunk though 😛

  2. I would cruise around the Spanish Isles to see the magnificent sights and also to pull into the docks and see some of the World’s greatest football stadiums like Barcelona’s Nou Camp and Real Madrid’s Bernabeau stadium :).

  3. Would take my hubby and kids on a fab med cruise.. What a wonderful prize to win and would love to be giving the feedback and photos to share with everyone… Wish me luck xxx

  4. I would take my wife Patricia on a no-fly cruise to the Med as we really enjoyed the last one we went on a few years ago

  5. I’d love to cruise Tahiti, or Europe from Barcelona, with my wonderful Husband & Dad & Stepmum. Dad could “show us the ropes”! I have longed to go on a trip with my Dad. He never stops being amazed at the wonders this beautiful world has to offer.

  6. I’d prefer some northern Europe cruise. I really hope my friends have got warm socks 😉

  7. I would love to cruise somewhere around Greece. I have never been on holiday, and the thought kind of scares me because I suffer from anxiety..but I think it would be a fun challenge, and it would be just what I need right now. I would take my boyfriend of 4 and a half years and probably his parents as they are so good to me. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  8. Since I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise-any cruise, I would have to really have a look around at all the options available to me. Haven’t been on holiday in years and this would be sheer heaven to me! The Uk economy and life have thrown alot of lemons at me in the past few years, but rather than make lemonade with them I prefer to add salt, lime, and tequila and make a Margarita instead!

  9. Would love to go on a Caribbean cruise as I hear the culture is amazing and the atmosphere on the cruise is electric. A bit more sunshine in my life wouldn’t go unappreciated either!

    Good luck all 🙂

    1. Oh and it would be with my mam so I could get good quality time with her and be able to spoil her.

  10. I would love to to go on a mediterranean cruise with my partner its her birthday this Saturday 20th July, my mam & dad swear by a cruise holiday they say once you have been there is no other holiday like it, it would be a great way to see parts of Europe

  11. Fabulous competiition I have never been on a cruise but if I was lucky enough to win I would love to go round the greek islands.

  12. I would love to go with my husband to European cruise or somewhere in Asia where we haven’t been yet(as it’s our favorite part of the World). It would be a great gift to our 10 years together)

  13. I’d love to go with my husband on a cruise round the Mediterranean, spending time round the Italian islands. That’s an area I’ve always wanted to visit because it always sounds so romantic, and it’s our 50th wedding anniversary this year.

  14. My perfect companions would be my hubby & our best friends, what better way to enjoy your cruise than with friends, & i’d love to go to the caribbean, its on my wish list

  15. A Med Cruise with my Partner would be the finest. Where to stay? I’m not fussy as long as we’re together. Was sick on hols last year 🙁

  16. i would love to cruise the Med with my husband because there is so many beautiful countries we have never seen 🙂

  17. I would like to go to my lovely city Barcelona. My son and two my best friends want it so much also))

  18. I’d like to cruise the world and see
    A perfect view and scene
    I’d like to go with my partner so
    We can remember memories of where we’ve been
    I’d like to take in the air we breathe
    And watch the wonderful world go by
    I’d like to cruise and experience things
    And gaze and wonder why ?

  19. I would love to go on a cruise around the mediterranean with my new Husband, we are only married 3 weeks and we could’t afford a honeymoon. I would have to take our maid of honour and the best man with us no better people to take along with us.

  20. Id love to go on a carribean cruise and id bring my 3 sisters because we’ve never all been away together and none of us have had a holiday in over 5 years!:)

  21. I would like to go to some Carribean cruise with my husband and two sons. We love Dominicana and Mexico!

  22. I would love to go on a Med cruise with my hubby, daughter and 7 year old grandson. We haven’t booked this year owing to my husband being very ill so it would be a lovely surprise for everyone instead of staying at home!!

  23. I would love to cruise the Med with my husband and my two sons. Be great to show them places they are learning about in school and be great to really have quality time as a family which with work etc. we don’t get to do very much of these days.

  24. Would love a cruise to any where as i was never on one and my wife would love it but cant afford it.I would also bring my daughter and my Mum.

  25. I haven’t cruised for 15 years, so I would love to take my daughter and the other half, to show them just what an incredible experience it is. I think if it were up to my daughter, it would have to be a Disney cruise, but I would also love to do the fjords, Alaska, South East Asia, Mediterranean – all around the world. I think if I won the lottery I’d actually live on a cruise liner for a while!

  26. I haven’t cruised for 15 years, and would love to show my girlfriend and daughter just how great a holiday a cruise gives you. I would most like to cruise the Med and see some of the beautiful sights of Europe and North Africa, but one day in the future I’d love to visit the stunning Norwegian fjords, and also Alaska. I think a Disney cruise particularly would light my little girl’s eyes right up, I’d love to see that!

  27. I’d love to cruise the Med, I also saw Corsica on the TDF and it looked amazing so would love to visit there on my trip!!

  28. I would love to go to Santorini on a cruise. My husband and I used to go there every April and so many cruise ships came in. Sadly he is no longer with us and I haven’t been back to Santorini.

    Who would I go with? I don’t know !! However I do have a couple of friends who I am sure would go.

    It’s a fabulous prize and thank you…..still dreaming it’ll be me !

    1. I would love to win this holiday and spend some quality time with my daughter and sister.A cruise would be a dream come true for us. Would love to go on a Mediterrean cruise or see the Greek islands and have a fun filled holiday.Please consider us so we can have something to look forward and really appreciate it.

  29. A caribbean cruise to enjoy with my boyfriend because we havent been on a holiday together and I would like to escape the irish summer and enjoy a nice holiday 🙂

  30. I would love to cruise around somewhere like Scandinavia or Alaska I love the cold and to see the sun twinkling on the snow would be amazing. I would go with my husband and two kids x

  31. From Amsterdam through Germany then France to Switzerland. My husband and I never got our honeymoon and this would be a dream come true. After 3 kids (1 with higher functioning autismn) it would be wonderful to feel like a romantic couple again. 🙂

  32. It would be a great experience to cruise Mexico as me and my friend, who i would take, dressed up as Mexican’s for my 20th! I moved from England to Scotland sadly i had to leave my best friend! we don’t see each other (apart from skype) so to do this would be a amazing… talking about the good times while wearing a sombrero – again! haha!

  33. i would love to cruise to the Caribbean islands, it would be fab to visit them all and i would take my amazing boyfriend and celebrate my 40th birthday this month in style!

  34. keeping my fingers crossed,i wouldnt know what to do if i won the cruise,have asked all my friends to loke too

  35. I would cruise with my hubby around the Med. We would like to see as many places as we could and fill our minds with new experiences. Life is short and we want to make the most of it!

  36. I would love a cruise around Alaska, such a beautiful place and the scenery is just breathtaking! My ultimate dream location.

  37. It would be somewhere cold, Alaska or Scandanavia for the great views and somewhere i wouldn’t normally travel to.Would go with family

  38. I would go on the Med. A cruise would be an ideal way to see the wonderful Cities in Europe. I love the idea of waking up in a new and exciting place every day. I would take my husband as it’s our 35th wedding anniversary this year and a cruise would make it an occasion we would remember forever.

  39. I would absolutely love a Carribian cruize. Its been a life long dream for me & my boyfriend but sadly could never afford it. It would be the perfect gift for our 6th Anniversary later this year. 😀 xx

  40. To sail the oceans in search of white beaches edged with palm trees
    Or to visit places of interest as seen from the sea.
    On board ships warmed by summer sun on turquoise blue seas.
    The Mediterannean or Carribean would suit me just fine but it is the life on board ships I find sublime

  41. don’t mind where we would cruise to as longs as it’s somewhere that’s sun shining all day long – chilling on deck with my lovely hubby Paul – mmm bliss

  42. I’d love to cruise the Med please! I’d take my wonderful partner Paul, and it would be great to treat my son & his girlfriend too 🙂 Fingers crossed & thank you!

    1. Oops, I got so excited daydreaming about my Med cruise that I forgot to say “why”! All of the obvious reasons really, especially to drink in all of the amazing scenery and take loads of photographs. Thank you! 🙂

  43. As I have never been on a cruise I would be grateful to go anywhere, but warm ;-). I would take my mum and dad as they have done a lot for me. In the last 3 years I fell ill with Crohns and they got me back on track in life (and I’m 34) ha ha! No matter how old you are, we all still need our mum and dad and I’m lucky to have both. Cheers to you folks!

  44. My ideal cruise is to the South Pacific,Tahiti, Bora Bora and Society Islands. I would take my best friend who was recently diagnosed with COPD.

  45. I would love to cruise from Cobh(Cork)Ireland to the warm destinations,I hadn’t any cruise at all in my life,would be very impressive voyage with my closest people:)

  46. I would love to cruise around the Galapogos Islands and my companion would just have to be David Attenborough. His voice is so soothing and his knowledge of all things animal and botanical would make the perfect cruise.

  47. I would love to go on cruise around the Greek Islands – such beautiful and varied islands ruch in culture and heritage. It would be great to cruise and take in a little of each island within one holiday.

  48. I would love to enter Venice by sea …I imagine it would be a breathtaking sight. As for who I WOULD TRAVEL WITH … MY FAMILY WOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE STRAWS !! that way I wouldn’t be in anyone’s bad books 😉

  49. I would cruise in the Mediterranean, it’s warm full of interesting places and not far away. I would Take my Wife and our friends Gill & Pete.

  50. For me it would be the Norwegian Fjords. This cruise has been on my wishlist forever. I would take my husband and our best friends. What a fabulous prize – got everything crossed that I am lucky.

  51. I love travelling, but have never cruised – and now I’m retired, we have the time to do it… I have everything crossed! What a fabulous prize!

  52. I’d love to go to the Fjords as we spend ages learning about them in Geography and they sound amazing. I would bring the girls too so we could have a post exam holiday 🙂

  53. I would go somewhere hot with my family because we were snowed in for 2 weeks a while back and haven’t quite warmed up yet.

  54. I’d love to cruise to Antarctica or Canada/Alaska to marvel at the majesty of nature untouched

  55. I would love to take my kids on a cruise around the med but we would be happy to win a cruise anywhere 🙂

  56. I’d cruise to the Scandinavian countries as I’ve become fascinated with them since the recent spate of detective series imports. I’d take my mum as she is as big a fan as I am.

  57. Antarctica. – that’s my trip of a lifetime. You’ve got some 4-5* hotels there for sure? 🙂

  58. I would love to cruise the Caribbean, I have always longed to go. I would take my husband and daughter with me

  59. Hawaii as it would be a cruise that would be unforgetable with beautiful scenery, great weather and contrasting islands with such friendly people

  60. i would love to cruise to the carribean, it looks amazing, the person i would go with is my partner, after 2 years of hell in and out of hospital is the least she deserves

  61. My lovely fiancee and I have never been on holiday, despite being together 5 years! We both want to visit Mexico and the Bahamas so a cruise in those tropical waters would be amazing!

  62. I’d love to win a cruise. I really don’t mind where to! I’d love to take my husband on a cruise next year to celebrate his 70th birthday!

  63. Would love a cruise around the Mediterranean as it’s been a long term goal of my elderly aunt, who is like a mum to me. I would take her with me along with my 2 children.

  64. I would love to cruise the eastern Med. So much history, lovely weather, luxury on board, fab food. I’d take my husband, of course

  65. I’d love to go to the Fjords, I haven’t been on a holiday in a long long time and it’s one of the places on my bucket list. I’d take my partner to keep me cosy, my brother as he’s my best friend and his girlfriend for some female company!

  66. I would love a cruise anywhere but I think the Caribbean would be my favourite choice. I would take my lovely partner with me.

  67. Would simply love to do a transatlantic crossing on a Cunard ship with my best friend and savour each nautical mile of opulence!

  68. I can’t decide between Alaska, with wildlife and stunning scenery or somewhere sunny like the caribbean. Who I go with depends on who is available at the time.

  69. My best Friend and husband would be my travel companion, along with my 2 little gymnasts (Rebekah 6 & Jacob 5) on our 7 Night Mediterranean Cruise with Disney Magic!! Imagine their faces when they realized they were heading off to the sunshine with Disney. If they’re anything like their mum and dad they’ll be bursting with excitment. As Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Well I’m dreaming!!!!!

  70. Being off work with stress related depression a nice cruise around the cape of africa maybe stopping off at the galapagos would be the ultimate dream.

  71. I would choose the Caribbean as it’s a dream destination and it’s on my bucket list!! I would take my mum, sis and bro in law as they have not had a holiday for 10 years!!!

  72. I would love to cruise the eastern Mediterranean with my partner, it would be lovely to relax and see all the beautiful places in one trip.

  73. Would love to Cruise to the Caribbean; I love to go where it’s warm. I’d have to take hubby with me because he’d love it there.

  74. I would love to cruise around the baltics with my mum as she’s always wanted to see them but cannot bear to fly!

  75. I would love to cruise around the Greek Islands (especially some that I haven’t visited YET) Love everything about Greece. Would take my husband (but if he pulled his usual disinterested face then I would take my best friend coz she loves Greece as much as I do!)

  76. I would love to cruise through the Arctic, magnificent scenery and the wonderful wildlife.a truly once in a lifetime trip.Of course I would take my gorgeous hubby with me

  77. I would cruise to the Caribbean because the sand, sea and sun there look amazing! I’d cruise with my beautiful girlfriend 😉

  78. Ooh, wow, I’d love to sail through the Middle East,.. Dubai, muscat, Abu Dhabi with my newly title fiancé, Sean!!

  79. I would love to go an a disney cruise with my family becasue we have young kids and they would love it.

  80. I would like to cruise around the med and i would like to go with my parents so that i can spend some quality time with them

  81. I would love to cruise the Med with my partner Barry, we are getting married later in the year, a cruise would be such a fab honeymoon!

  82. I would love to cruise around the arctic to see the northern lights and wild polar bears. I would go with my best mate Paul as he would be interested and would not moan about the cold!

  83. I would love to Cruise round the Galapagos with Brian Cox – I am sure it would be fun enjoyable and educational !

  84. My choice would be a Norwegian Fjords cruise. I take my husband and our best friends. I would love to see the stunning scenery.

  85. I would love to cruise around the Italian and Sicily coasts, just to be part of the smells, the sounds, the food, the great wine, and the amazing weather. Heaven!

  86. would love to cruise he caribbean or the med… so much to see and do in both.. love the idea of going to lots of ports.

  87. Would like to take my girlfriend on a Caribbean cruise, to go island hopping to take the cultures in alongside the sun

  88. I’d love to cruise around the Hawaiian islands with my husband because I want to see him in a grass skirt:-)

  89. I would love to cruise around the Caribbean with my boyfriend. I am 25 years old and have NEVER been anywhere on holidays. I think a luxury cruise to a tropical place would be a great way to introduce me to the world of travel! I would take my boyfriend because he loves fishing and has always wanted to go fishing somewhere tropical. It would be the trip of a lifetime for us!

  90. Would love to do a cruise around the Med, it has been a dream for me and my husband for years

  91. I would love to cruise the Norwegian fjords or carribean with my husband and our 2 year old little boy

  92. It’s got to be a cruise around hot,hot,hot Cuba, haiti and the bahamas with hot, hot, hot David Gandy in tow. 😀

  93. Anywhere would be fantastic, it would be great to go on a cruise with my fiance as we havent had a holiday together yet, perhaps the carribean 🙂


  95. I would love to cruise the Caribbean for the culture, the scenery and the weather! I would take my beautiful girlfriend who has been studying abroad for the last 6 months and is due back in a few short weeks 🙂

  96. I would love to cruise around Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands with Philip Schofield :o)

  97. I’d go to the Carribean to learn to surf, taking Danny Wallace (author of yes man, join me etc) because he seems like a really fun person to hang out with.

  98. I would L <3 V E to cruise the caribbean with my partner as we have never had a holiday together or left England…Fabulous competition..Good Luck everyone 🙂 xx

  99. I’d love to do a Carribean cruise with my partner and visit the island he comes from 🙂

  100. I would love to cruise to the Caribbean especially during the winter months – the beautiful blue sea and soft white sand. I would take my partner to rub on the sun tan lotion!

  101. I’d love to take a cruise to Alaska with my husband – my Grandma has been and always told me how amazing it was, I’d love to take my husband to experience it too!

  102. I’d go on a cruise round the Greek islands with my two best friends and my sister, as I always think they look so beautiful in phtographs

  103. I would go to Italy and the Med with my husband and two children as we all love Italy 🙂

  104. I would take my wife and children to the med so they could see and experience more than just the UK.

  105. I’d like a European cruise to see some new places, but also to call at Palma Mallorca where I could meet up with my Mum and Sister who live there. I’ve not seen them for a while, it would be fantastic!

  106. I would love to take my wife and our beautiful kids on a Bahamas cruise, your trips look amazing. What a wonderful prize to be won.

  107. I would love to take a cruise anywhere on one of these ships as they are amazing. I couldn’t leave the hubby behind as I’d miss him too much.

  108. I would like to cruise to the Galapagos Islands with the missus, it has been a dream for ages.

  109. I would love to cruise through the Norwegian Fjords. It always looks so beautiful and it would be the perfect romantic break for me and my partner

  110. I would love to cruise around the Med as there are so many places of interest which I would love to see. It would be so lovely to wake up in a different city each day.

  111. I would take my best friend Sandie who is not just my friend but more like family. I’m disabled & struggle to get around without her help so it would be amazing if I could repay her by taking her on a cruise & stay holiday

  112. I’d Love to cruise to Tromso, to experience the magic of the Northern Lights, and take a Husky sled ride, tucked under a deerskin, with my wife.

  113. I would love to go Island Hopping around the Greek Islands with my husband and our 2 closest friends

  114. would love to take my boys to experience a cruise, maybe around the med to start with, they would see so much & experience different countries/ways of life

  115. I would cruise the spectacular Galapagos Islands with my partner and follow in the amazing footsteps of Charles Darwin and observe the magnificent wildlife.

  116. I’d take my fiancée Michael, we’ve been together six years and never been on holiday so this would be perfect

  117. I’d love to cruise around the Med with my wife, and our friends who we owe a huge favour to. This just might cover it! 🙂

  118. I’ve always been fascinated by the fjords of Norway and would love to cruise around the area, as you’d see a lot more on the water than you would on land! I’d go with my boyfriend, and hopefully some experts on the area would be on hand for my incessant questions! x

  119. I would love to go to America on a cruise, as it’s always been a dream since I was a little girl to see the big lights over there. I would take my Mum, as she’s been battling with cancer for a long time, so it’d be a nice welcome break for her.

  120. North, probably to Norway, in search of wild and remote places. As for who, probably family, as a thank you, and also to share the wonderful views with :-).

  121. I would love to take my partner and 2 daughters on a cruise anywhere! A family holiday would be absolutely perfect.

  122. I would love to take my sister to cruise to Alaska to experience the unspoilt wilderness, glaziers and mountains and hopefully see whales and grizzly bears in their natural environment.

  123. My DH has always wanted to cruise to Hawaii and as he retires in 2015 would love to make his dream come true. Our DD would also come with us as she loves cruising.

  124. I would go on a cruise with my fiancé, we have never been on holiday before so it would be nice to get away.

  125. I would love to go on a cruise to Alaska as i am passionate about wildlife and would love the chance to develop some photography skills.


  127. The Med with stops in Barcelona, Monaco & Italy with my husband and our 4 year old daughter, although she would love a Disney cruise.

  128. I’d take my husband and son, who are couch potatoes, but I bet they’d go bananas for sunbeds in St Lucia!

  129. Would love to visit the Galapagos Islands, following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, but would be delighted with any cruise provided my husband was there.

  130. I would love to cruise the Western Caribbean, especially Cayman. I would love to travel with my daughter and her boyfriend so we could spend more time together.

  131. it would have to be the Carribean to experience the variety of the islands. And who else but the wife to go with me

  132. I’d love to cruise, around the Caribbean
    Visit the Bahamas and Nassau, for some sightseeing.
    I’d take my two kids – and my husband along
    It would be awesome to relax all day long.
    A holiday for our family on the Carnival
    Would be a lifelong dream thanks to TOPTRAVEL 🙂

  133. I’d love to cruise around the Greek islands with my family because they are rich in ancient history and I could pop off and sample some Greek cooking and maybe a bottle of Mythos

  134. I’d love to go to the Caribbean with my daughter. She’s young enough to find everything amazing, uet old enough to appreciate different cultures and how fortumate she is to be able to have travelling experiences.

  135. I would love to go to the Caribbean with my partner. We’ve been together 7 month and haven’t even managed a weekend away together yet.

  136. I’d really like to take my partner on a Cruise as after a couple of tough years she deserves some relaxation and pampering with spectacular scenary thrown in.

  137. Would love to cruise along the Med, in particular would love to see the Dalmatian coast as I hear it is incredibly beautiful. I would take my mother because she deserves to be treated, plus she shares the same interests and is my best friend!

  138. I would love to cruise around the Mediterranean with my lovely partner and who knows he might even propose !

  139. I would love to take my family on a mediterranean cruise and up in a beautiful sunny destination lie Croatia 🙂

  140. I am going to propose to my loving boyfriend very soon and would like for us to go on a honeymoon that we will remember forever. Neither of us have that much money to afford a grand vacation, in fact I have not been on a vacation in about 10 years, so it would mean the world to my partner and I if we won this drawing. We would love to go on a Mediterranean cruise visiting the South of France, Italy, and Greece, and possibly Israel and Egypt, that would be amazing! Thank you so much for offering people like my partner and I an opportunity like this.

  141. I would cruise ANYWHERE, so long as i was with my hubby 🙂 I have always wanted to go on a cruise, we always said when we were married 10 years, when we were 40, all these goal posts keep moving as we’re 17 years married and im now 42 lol But we do have 4 beautiful children so we figured out cruise days could wait! The whole experience just sounds like a dream, a big floating hotel out on the deep blue ocean, fresh breezes coming up from the sea, the freedom and relaxion you would feel im sure is just immense, thats why destination i really wouldnt mind so long as i knew my kiddies were at home safe with grandma and grandad, i would just litterally switch off and just enjoy my time of escapism 🙂 Nealy sends a shiver just thinking of standing on the deck ?

  142. I would love to go to the Caribbean with my mum, dad and brother. I think it would be a great thank you present to my mum and dad for helping me through university. I’m sure they would love the break from work. It would also be the perfect way to finish university and graduate!

  143. The South Pacific – more specifically Mystery Island.
    The musical firstly sparked my interest in the region but the idea of no electricity, no running water, no roads and no telephones (and of course the name) on Mystery Island is my idea of a relaxing holiday!

  144. OMG what a prize. I would love to take my husband and my two girls aged 5 and 4 on a Disney cruise….I think Mammy and Daddy would be as excited as my little girls to meet all the Disney characters….what a dream come true that would be 🙂

  145. I would take my wonderful boyfriend & would choose to go to anywhere hot with some culture…. good luck everyone

  146. A cruise is top of my wish list – would be happy to go anywhere but would love somewhere in the med? and would be fab to be able to share it with my family. Liked and shared – hopefully you reach your 3000 target soon 🙂

  147. I’ve never been on a cruise so this would be an amazing way to celbrate my 10th wedding anniversary next month. If I could choose anywhere I’d love to go on a carribean cruise. Good luck to everyone 🙂 I’ve shared with all my friends hopefully this will help towards getting Toptraveleurope to 3000 fans 🙂 Thanks

  148. I would LOVE to go on a Caribbean cruise 🙂
    I would go with my partner Kelvin as we will be apart for a whole year. This would be a perfect reunion 🙂

  149. ok im not trying to enter the competition twice i just want to know where that zip slide is in the pic and whether or not it actually ends up in the sea – anyone know? i wanna have a go!!

  150. would love a cruise anywhere but wouldnt know who to go with as hubby passed 6 years ago and i have 6 wonderful kids and 4 grand kids so spoilt for choice as all deserve a hol as theyre all grafters. x.. xx

  151. I would love to cruise around the Spanish Coasts with my Son and stop off to visit some of the World’s greatest football stadiums- The Camp Nou and The Bernabeau :).

  152. Hi, super prize, i’d love a cruse in the carribean with my daughters, unfortunately my wife passed a few yeas ago so i can’t take her too but it woud be a trip i’d love to do and I know she’d be with me in spirit 🙂

  153. Hawaii! It always looks amazing on tv, all the scenery and volcanic sites and my hubby would love to see the stars from Mauna Kea 🙂

  154. Hawaii!!! I couldn’t imaging a nicer place, the scenery there looks spectacular whenever I’ve seen it on tv. The volcanic activity and I know my hubby would love to see the starts from Mauna Kea 🙂

  155. To follow Darwin to the Galapagos and see the wonderful wildlife there would be a dream come true.

  156. Id be happy with a cruise full stop – not fussy on the destination as seeing the world would be a great bonus.
    would have to take the hubby and my two wonderful children, haven’t ever done a cruise and more of a hit a place and wander around looking at sites etc and feeling the country.
    have heard about cruise life and would love to be able to experience it.
    thanks for doing this comp.

  157. I would like to go on the Med cruise me and my husband went before our children arrived years ago and would love to take my two children with us unfortunely we havent been able to afford a cruise and it would be a dream come true to take my 5 and 2 year old on one. thank you

  158. I would love to cruise around the mediterranean with my girlfriend and our 2 friends, we all could use a pick up after 3 years each without a holiday

  159. I’d cruise to both Turkey and Greece, I can’t decide which one to go to as they are both fab so this would help the dilema!! My husband and children would love it too.

  160. I would love to take my husband and children on a cruise. Unfortunatley I would have to leave one behind as the prize is only for four.:) Having not had a holiday for over 5 years and previous to that our breaks were always to the same place and still doing the same mundane jobs,such as cooking and washing, I would like the holiday experince of luxury and being pampered. The thought of ever going on a holiday in the future is a distant dream let alone realising my dream of going to Canada and America or even a Medetarean cruise. It gets me excited, the thought of the possibility to be able to show my family that there is more out there than their small world.

  161. I would love to take a Mediterranean Cruise with my husband and two children. I’d love to see Spain, Italy, and especially Greece (and the Greek Islands)! It is close enough to home but a whole new world for the family to see!

  162. Would love a cruise anywhere the sun is shining would be fine, except for the bay of biscay, i can’t seem to cross there without being seasick 🙂

  163. I would love to take my two daughthers and my partner on a Mediterranean cruise, it would be a holiday of a life time. fingers crossed we win

  164. A Caribbean cruise set sail in the sun
    A break from the daily dreary school run.
    Food all included and plates are stacked high.
    I don’t need to wonder why my trousers won’t tie
    Take in the islands Barbados for fun
    then off to Jamaica for some coconut rum
    My husband would join me but only
    if he could turn a blind eye to the Captain & me!

  165. I would cruise the Mediteranean with my husband just to visit all the lovely cities I only ever read about

  166. To be totally honest, it wouldn’t matter to me where I went on a cruise! Being on the cruise itself would be a dream come true, anything other than that is an added bonus!

    If I was to pick, I would pick Hawaii. It’s the one place I’ve always dreamed of going, yet it’s the one place I’ll probably never make it to. Myself and my boyfriend are students at the moment, it will be another year until we graduate. And then it will be straight into paying back the crippling loans we had to take out just to pay our tuition fees. I’m a little further in debt than him due to hospital fees! Typical!! But I’d love for us both to see a little bit more of the world before that happens. Plus I think he really deserves it for putting up with me this long!!!

    Thanks for reading and good luck to whoever wins, I’ve read some of the comments below and some of them are really moving. Great comp, far better than just pumping money into advertising!!! xxx Kelly

  167. This would be the best prize ever to win. Myself and my boyfriend have been going out over three years now and were supposed to go on our first ever holiday last year (skiing) and he was attacked and badly assaulted on New Years Eve and the holiday couldnt go ahead. We would absolutely love this holiday as we’ve not yet had the opportunity to go on holidays yet. We would love to go to the Caribbean or Dubai or to be honest a cruise down the Shannon would be as good as long as we get to go on holidays together!! Thats all that matters!! Pick me Please! 🙂

  168. i would love to go on a disney line cruise or a cruise to disney with my family i imagine it would be so relaxing as the children wold be constantly entertained

  169. I’d love to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. I’d bring my mother, sister and my friend. I’ve always wanted to visit the Caribbean, but unfortunately I haven’t got the money (like most people!) This would be an opportunity of a LIFETIME. Surrounded by sun sand and sea, my ultimate dream! Travelling is everything that makes me happy! thank you .

  170. Around the World in 80 days would be excellent but 2 weeks in the Caribbean with Nick, hubby of 43 years would be great.

  171. I would love to go to Alaska again. Been once before and thought it was stunning. Would go on my own or with my partner (if I find one by then!)

  172. I would love a Carribean cruise with my fantastic husband Christopher, we will be together 18 years and I’m still mad about him. I would love to bring along my sisters Mary and Christina as we are more than just sisters we are best friends and I would love to enjoy this amazing experience with those I love the most. Fingers crossed and hope the universe delivers!

  173. would love to take a cruise around the mediterranean as its just so beautiful there. and the weather is also a lot better then here. i would take my husband a son with me of course.

  174. With Capt’n aboard and marriage pending, I could sail my Fiance to Italy with a ‘happy ending’

  175. I would love to be able to take my partner Holley anywhere where it is warm and sunny he workd really hard being a musician and has to be out at all hours of the night doing gigs and recording. He is a really talented guy and just needs the right break and I need a break in the sun so good fro both of us xx 🙂

  176. Would love to cruise anywhere with my partner Garry. Sunshine over the rippling waters. Would like to visit that place with the monkeys. See this British weather has rotted my brains.

  177. I wd love to cruise the Mediteranean, as a single mum I would take my teenage daughter and also my mum and her sister who both lost their young husbands in the last couple of years……It would be great 🙂

  178. I would take myself, my boyfriend and my parents on a cruise around the med. They deserve a well earned break after a tough couple of years.I would really really love to win.

  179. The med with my family would be my choice, would love to see Venice, my daughter wants to visit Rome and we would all love the relaxation

  180. Would love to cruise the Caribbean especially to Jamaica to visit the home of Bob Marley with my boyfriend as we are both big reaggae fans x

  181. Hello, I would take my family around the Med. I am disabled, tired, and sick of seeing the same walls due to being housebound. I need a break and so do they 🙂

  182. I would love to cruise the Greek islands, because that was where I first went cruising 40 years ago, and I would love to relive it.

  183. I really want to take a cruise to Norway and Iceland to see the Northen Lights,I’ve wanted to for ages and it’s definitely on my bucket list!I would like to go with my husband and enjoy the sight together.

  184. i would take my children on an amazing disney cruise in the caribbean, they would love it, spending all day in the pools having fun with the sunny weather and the evenings with all the entertainment. they would remember this holiday for ever!

  185. I would love nothing more than to cruise the Mediterranean,as all i have had the experience of is looking at pictures,me and my partner have never left England,as he is scared of flying,this would be a dream for us…Good Luck everyone 🙂 If i won i would take my partner….Fabulous competition xx

  186. I would love to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean with my boyfriend, because I hear it is beautiful there 🙂

  187. I would love to cruise anywhere – what a treat! But if I had to choose I would either go for a Caribbean Cruise to see sun-kissed golden sands and turquoise blue seas or Equador and The Galapagos Islands to see the giant turtles and iguanas and maybe help with the conservation programmes.

  188. If I could take a cruise to anywhere I’d love to go to Bora Bora and stop in every port along the way in the company of my entire family. Bliss. Just perfect. As long as I didn’t forget the sunscreen 🙂

  189. I would love nothing more than to go on a cruise, in fact the destination does not even matter, it could be anywhere, just to escape the drone of everyday life, to meet new people and become culturally enriched, to experience new things, (I have never been on a cruise) to see new places, and make wonderful memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. If I had to chose a location however I think I would choose somewhere in the caribbean, just imagine it now, the warm sunshine on your face, a cocktail in hand (maybe two), some summer fruit and new costume to feel good about yourself. I’m imagining it now, And I would so love it to be a reality 🙂 And who I would take with me is my boyfriend, he is not only my lover, but my best friend, he is there for me no matter what, and loves me for who I am. Who better to share such an incredible experience with than someone you love? So here’s hoping my dream becomes a reality with Top Travel Europe <3

  190. I would cruise with my 2sisters to Tasmania from Southampton and re enact a trip we first took 46 years ago.

  191. I would love to cruise around Greece and Italy with my gal pals who were my family when I was living in China – we’re all separated now and I couldn’t think of a better reunion!

  192. I would love to visit the Greece. To visit some of it’s many islands, experience it’ beeches, food and above all it’s rich culture. I’d probably take my boyfriend if he was good otherwise I’d take the dog 🙂

    1. Travel shows us not only the view, but journey experiences of life. Never crossed my mind to sail in the ocean for fear of the sea, but sometime travel always reveals something new. What wrong I try and fight my fear of a lifetime? Yeah not illegal nor my principles. Why not Give a try? Pick me, I want free cruised and fight my fear.

  193. I would like to do a cruise of the Baltic States with so much history surrounding those places it would be lovely to finally be able to go and see them.

  194. I would so love to cruise the Mediteranean – It’s a wonderful way of seeing different countries. As a single parent I would take my teenage daughter. I would also bring my mam and her sister, my aunt, who both lost their husbands at an early age in the last few years….It would be just great….:)

  195. I would love to cruise to the Canary Islands with my husband, daughter and grandson. My husband has been very ill and needs a lovely holiday to cheer him up as he will not be going back to work again. One of our happiest holidays was in Madeira so I think it would be just perfect.

  196. I would do a Disney cruise in the Florida area as it has always been my dream to go to Florida! I’d bring my boyfriend along with me!

  197. i would love to go on a cruise to barcelona ,i have seen pictures a friend of mine took on a similar cruise and it looked magical,days sightseeing or just relaxing onboard with a cocktail,it would be magical

  198. I would love a cruise with my partner and children… anywhere in the world!! I think it is a fantastic way to travel and discover new, exotic places while having fun and also relax with the ones you love!

  199. I’d cruise with the stellar Royal Caribbean line to Eastern Europe, so much to see and what an amazing travel company to cruise with! The cruise has everything you could want, fine food, relaxation, top class entertainment and service and that’s before you get off the boat. Visiting cities, see galleries and exploring .. that’s what I call a holiday.

  200. I have traveled a little but I have never gone on holiday with my fiance of 5 years. I’d love to take a cruise to America with him. I think if I could do this, he’d be so surprised and we’d get even closer on a trip like this. I really hope one day we get to go on holiday together and especially a holiday on the water!!

  201. I would love a cruise to the carribean or hawaii, id bring my sister because neither of us has had a holiday in years and neither of us will probably ever be able to afford something like this!!

  202. Hi, i would love to cruise anywhere in the world – i’ve never stepped outside Ireland before! A dream come true would be a trip on the Meditteranean xx

  203. What a fantastic prize. My family and I would jump for joy if we won a cruise and stay. My little boys who are five and four years old would love the magic of a Disney Cruise. They see the adverts on the kids TV channels all the time and say “Why can’t we go mummy?” I say “hopefully one day” and now maybe this will be the day. My husband would love to see Croatia and as for me well anywhere warm would be great. This is a dream holiday and I would love to make all my boys dreams come true. Here’s hoping.x

  204. I would love to win a cruise anywhere in the world but have always dreamed of a Caribbean cruise. I have fours sisters and we have always wanted to go on a cruise. One of my sisters is in a wheelchair and it would be an ideal stressfree way for us to see all the beautiful sights and enjoy eachothers company.!

  205. i would absolutely love a caribbean cruise also i always wanted to go to bora bora but would never be able to afford it, i don’t mind who i would travel with as long as i get there safe and sound 🙂

  206. I would like a cruise to anywhere.I have been longing to go on cruise for years but they are way off my budget! It would be a trip of a lifetime for me. I would bring my boyfriend, Mark with me. Please consider me!!

  207. I would love to share my dream cruise in the Caribbean with my dream man David Russell. Dreamboat Dave 🙂

  208. I would at some time, like to do the Panama Canal cruise with my two favourite men;my husband and son. At work I dream of a stateroom with verandah as we make our leisurely way towards Panama’s stunning scenery, wildlife and culture. Who wouldn’t want to lie on spectacular beaches,try some great surfing and explore archaeological sights and fortresses. To top it off I’d sample some retail therapy while the boys play a round of golf, or take a walk through of the many beautiful forest reserves.

  209. My husband and I are fairly “well cruised” but somewhere we haven’t been is St Petersburg. Would love to do this to celebrate my 60th birthday. Something special and different.

  210. I would love to cruise to New York, to see the magnificent skyline from the Sea, it would be perfect for my sister and i.

  211. So many amazing cruises!! Do I have to decide now? 😉 Alaska, The Baltic, The Bahamas, etc – all fabulous… This one leaving from Venice to Croatia, Montenegro and Greece looks simply fantastic too:

    If I won, I’d bring my wonderful friends – Alex, Maria and Michelle. They’re the best friends anyone could have. Wow, they’d be made up to get to go on a cruise!!

    Good luck to everyone who enters – be lucky 🙂

  212. It is my dream to go on a cruise either around the Norwegian fjords or the Carribean, such a wonderful prize has to be shared with hubby and our little one.

  213. My dream vacation would be a cruise around the Greek islands. I would take my husband and best friends for a week sailing into the sunset.

  214. I would love a Norwegian Fjords cruise. I would go with my husband and our best friends. To see the stunning scenery has been on my wish list forever. Got everything crossed for this prize.

  215. I would like to cruise with my hubby to the Galapagos Islands. It’s been a dream of mine to follow in Darwin’s footsteps and take photos of the wildlife that lives there.

  216. I think I’d love a Hawaiian cruise, right from the days of Hawaii Five 0 I’ve wanted to go and to be able to see so many islands in one holiday would be amazing. Would be great to say “Book it Danno” 😉

  217. I’d love a cruise that took in the Eastern Med. Hopefully I’d have to the chance to see Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro (as well as Greece)! I’d take my husband, so he can be my designated luggage carrier, and I’d also take my sister and her other half. We’ve holidayed with them before and the four of us laughed until our faces hurt! I’d love to travel with them again.

  218. Would love to cruise around the Med – it’s been a long winter and the thought of some sunshine and wonderful sights would be lovely! I’d take my mum as she has been so wonderful to me and loves the sea and travelling 🙂

  219. I would love to cruise either around the Caribbean or on a Disney liner. We have never been on a cruise and I’m Disney mad, but being disabled I’ve never been sure whether a cruise would be right for me.
    Having taken a look I’ve changed my mind! They look a,asking and great for all the family.
    I was made redundant at the end of January, so winning this would be a real treat. :0)

  220. I’d love to cruise around the Med. I’d bring my partner. It would be a trip of a lifetime.

  221. I’d love to cruise the Greek Isles – so much history and culture to take in in one go! Would bring my other half as an anniversary trip.

  222. I would cruise around the Mediterranean with my fiance, because it’s been a dream of both of ours for years! It’s so beautiful! We just want a relaxing vacation, to take our breath away, and this cruise would do it.

  223. I would like to take a cruise around the UK – Yes the UK – its so amazing we should all see all of it. I would love to take my wife.

  224. I would love to go to the Norwegian fjords with my hubby daughter Julia and he r husband John Julia is a very keen amateur photographer like her dad so the stunning scenery would be the perfect backdrop

  225. I should love to cruise to Naples with my hubby, Nick, so that we could visit Herculaneum. We only managed to climb Mount Vesuvius and visit Pompeii on our last trip. We are Old Fogies now!

  226. I would just die for a cruise anywhere but if I could have any cruise it would be a Disney Cruise. What a memory that would be for me and my 3 men.

  227. I would love a cruise around the med, as I find every island a gem waiting to be explored and I would love to go with my 2 work mates as they keep me sain in work and there the best collegues anyone could want.

  228. ? would love to w?n the cruise and take my daughter and l?ttle grandson and my best fr?end as they have never been out of the uk and they deserve a ho?lday ? love them to b?ts hope ?m lucky for a change thank you

  229. ******HAWAII******

  230. I would love to cruise somewhere nice and hot with amazing views! I’d love to take my Mum along as she has never been out of the UK even though she has a passport. I’d love to see how happy she is if we won a cruise and it would be such a wonderful opportunity for us to spend some Mother/Daughter time together. Thank you for the chance!

  231. I would cruise to Italy with my husband and adopted daughter. Why? Because we try to give her the best opportunities in life as she has missed out a lot and only had her first ever holiday last year. ~Well, a cruise would be something very special I think we can all agree on that 🙂

  232. I would like to go to the Caribbean with my husband and parents. They are my rocks and have done amazing things for me. Being able to take them in a holiday like this would be a great way to say thank you!

  233. I would go with my husband and two of our children for a cruise around Asia, it’s a lifelong dream of mine to go somewhere so exotic and a cruise would be fantastic!

  234. A Mediterranean week would make my family freak! Finances are chronic this makes me snappy. Top Travel Europe cruise would make me happy.

  235. I would like to take a cruise round the Caribbean islands or Hawaii with my family. Sun, sea and sand with the people I love… fantastic !

  236. I would love to Cruise to the destination of Crete in Greece, this beautiful Island is beaming with History, Culture and Beauty I’d love to experience for myself!

  237. I would take my Family on a Carribean Cruise, we would enjoy ourselves immensely and thank our lucky stars.

  238. I would love to take my Family on a Carribean Cruise,we would all have a great time together and feel so lucky.

  239. i would love to cruise any where where the sun is shines and its warm any where away from this cold wet Irish weather i would bring my best friend in the hole world pauline doyle

  240. If I won this wonderful comp I would take my partner & I dunno who else yet to be honest. My favourite destination? Well I’m not fussy – anywhere at all would be nice – Maybe Med / European cruise. Great prize for whoever wins, good luck all & very well done to Top Travel 🙂

  241. This would make my year to win this have never been on a cruise before and wouls really love to experience it 🙂

  242. I would cruise the Mediterranean as I never get bored with it, such beautiful places and generally stop off at a different port every day.

  243. I would take my family on a tour around the Med. Both my boys are exhausted doing their GCSE;s and this would be an amazing experience for them to try.

  244. I would cruise to land that forbids any female to do any work ie make meals, wash up, hoover, make beds, wash clothes, iron, do taxi driver, run after family with endless cups of tea and sympathy, etc.
    Needless to say I would be travelling with my husband and 2 grown up sons.

  245. I would love to cruise the Med with my partner and take in as much sun and sites as possible 🙂

  246. I would love to take a cruise around the Mediterranean. Who would I take? My wife, her best friend, and my two toddlers.

  247. I would love to take my son who is autistic on a holiday of a lifetime, we could do with a little bit of sunshine in our lives so would be happy to cruise anywhere warm and sunny x

  248. Would love to go to HAWAII with my hubby, ever since I was little I wanted to go to Hawaii for my honeymoon, when the time come 5 years ago we chose FIJI instead. I dealt with a grumpy hubby for 10 days when all the fishing charters were cancelled due to cyclones.. Maybe we can remake our dream holiday on a cruise to hawaii, Happy Hubsand, Happy Wife – Happy Life?

  249. would love to win to bring my hubby it is a ddream of ours to go on a cruise and some day we will but for us it is in the distant furture (long long future) so this cruise would be wonderful and just what we could do with it so relaxation and some our time thanks so much and gl to all

  250. I would love to Cruise to Greece as i would love to see the Parthenon in Athens as well as other ancient places i adore exploring and photographing these in different light conditions but have never been to Greece. Of course my hubby Tim would go with me as we are a perfect match what i dont see down lens he tends to capture we love our hobby together

  251. I would love to win this competition so that I could take my grandaughter on a much deserved holiday,( my daughter passed away on Dec.13th 2012 )

  252. If I had the chance, I’d cruise in the Carribean (or pretty much anywhere warm!) with my family – husband and two boys.

  253. I would cruise to Barbados to soak up the wonderful sun and crystal seas. Would also like to re-live fabulous memories of enjoying calypso band music whilst sampling bajan rum & nutmeg.

  254. I would like to cruise around Hawaii.
    The islands are so beautiful. It would be nice to see all the islands and all the amazing scenery they have to offer.

  255. Caribbean cruise for my hubby to be and me would be perfect but id be happy to go anywhere

  256. I would love to cruise round the Norwegian fjords with my husband.I have not been to Noway before. I believe that it is really beautiful

  257. would love to be able to suprise my 2 little girls and my partner with this holiday of a life time…We can all dream cant we lol……..

  258. Would love to be able to suprise my 2 little girls and my partner with this dream holiday…We can all dream lol…

  259. I would love to cruise around the greek islands as greece is my favourite place in the world

  260. I love the the fresh air,sunshine and a waves splashing!I wanna dicover all around the world!MY secret dream is one Europe Cruise,I never ever had a luck to win a draw prize!Thanks for a great contest TOP TRAVEL EUROPE!

  261. My family continues to recommend the Alaskan cruise. We love photography and they tell us the photo ops are amazing.

  262. I would happily cruise any ocean without any fixed destination just as long as my wonderful husband is by my side. He has been my rock and has truly helped me through some very dark times.

  263. I would love to win a trip anywhere really, not fused…once there is sunshine :). I would bring my best friend who hasn’t had a holiday out of Ireland in nearly 20 years, so I think she deserves it!!! 🙂

  264. If I could afford it it I would love to visit Australia with me wife and a cruise would be the perfect way todo it, we both have lots of relatives who would be willing to join us as well!

  265. i would love to cruise around the arabian gulf visiting the likes of dubai, this is where i have always wanted to go for a holiday and the fact i have never been on a cruise before it would be even more of an adventure has it is an holiday, i would take my partner with me, perfect.

  266. Would really love to go on a Mediterranean cruise, and would take along my lovely auntie and my sisters. Make it a real family affair.

  267. I would take my fiance and 2 children with me. I don’t have a preference as to where we would go as we have never had a holiday together so would be happy with any destination at all.

  268. A cruise around the Greek Islands – they are beautiful & the water is so clear 🙂 fingers crossed xx

  269. Have never been on a cruise but my 8 year old daughter would LOVE to go on one – she’s water mad bless her so to win this would be a fantastic opportunity and great experience – fingers crossed 🙂

  270. What a fab prize!

    I’d love a Disney cruise with my fella and 3 and 7 year old daughters. We had to cancel our Florida holiday over Christmas as my eldest daughter had something wrong with her ear and wasn’t able to fly. The Disney cruise sounds absolutely fantastic and would put huge smiles on the kids faces for sure! Would so make up for not making the Disney magic last month.

    Although having looked at the destinations they all look wonderful and as long as your with loved ones I don’t think it matters where you go x

  271. I would love to go to the Canaries! Would love to be able to go away on holiday and bring my family with me

  272. I would like to cruise around the Med with my Dad cos he’s lonely since mum died and this would cheer him up so much and he deserves a holiday – he never treats himself at all. Would be amazing to win xx

  273. I would really love a Caribbean cruise, first girlfriends parents were from Barbados so would love to island hope around the region and get the holiday I was always meant to share with her, just with a newer and better model since she dropped me all those years back…!

  274. I would choose a Scandinavian cruise as I like the idea of being in a group visiting more wild or remote destinations with the option of a degree of comfort and as I’m in my early forties I don’t want to be a sun worshipper! I also would love to see those elusive northern lights.

  275. Would love a Caribbean Cruise with my partner William as it would be somewhere different for us and a week away would be bliss.

  276. I would love to go on a cruise around hawaii. they are really beautiful islands that i would love to explore

  277. Would love to cruise the Med, so many lovely places to visit and sights to see, a wonderful time just hubby and myself

  278. I would love to cruise around the Greek Islands, the idea of waking up in a different place and seeing an Island looming out of the mist would be amazing!! I would take my friend, Patricia and my mum and sister.

  279. I would love to go to Greece with my hubby and two young girls. We have recently had to move to London for his work so finances have not allowed us a proper holiday for years. Our weekends are taken up with doing up the house and I would just love the chance to give my girls some fun in the sun time xxxxx the Atlantica Princess looks the perfect place for a mix of culture and fun for families especially as I’ve never been to Greece and would like to do the sights xxxx

  280. I’ve heard that Alaska is amazing – though not a fan of cold weather I think a luxury cruise would definitely break the ice

  281. I would love to cruise around Italy with my husband and my parents. I always enjoyed Roman history at school and so have always wanted to visit Italy to see it for myself, but have not yet had the chance. We know several people who have been on a cruise and their stories of their trips have always been fascinating which has made me even more determined to tick this off my wishlist!

  282. i would just love to go on a cruise
    sit on the deck in the sun and snooze
    then go and round some cities see
    history and culture wash over me
    who to take i don’t know yet
    but there will be offers you can bet

  283. This could be the most wonderful holiday of my life for my sister,my mum,dad and i,parents i think can never be repaid for all they give to their children,so they would be my choice if i did win.I would choose to travel to Panama Canal,its looks mesmerising,a vacation i surely would have the best memories of my life of the ones who mean the world to me

  284. I would love a Mediterranean cruise seeing the Old World beauty of Spain, Italy and maybe even Greece! It just seems like it would be so romantic for me and my hubby plus lots to see for my 2 kiddies!!

  285. I promised myself this year that I’m going to go on holidays. I’m 26 and haven’t been able to go on a Sun holiday in 11 years! I would love to go to anywhere in the Canaries as its guaranteed good weather!
    I would bring my boyfriend and two friends!

  286. I would like to go on a cruise and take in the sites of Italy, I have never been and it seems to have everything, Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence all amazing Cities in one Country!! Amazing

  287. I’d like to cruise around South America because I’d love to experience these places but in a safe, comfortable way. I cruise with my husband.

  288. I’d love to cruise the caribbean with my husband and kids, to wake up in a new exotic destination every day would be fab.

  289. I would love to go to Australia and Italy together with my daughter and husband. We are newly weds I hope to win and to be able to spend our honeymoon their. That would be the best place for us to travel and to explore….

  290. I`d love to cruise the Med, when Ive been on holiday and seen all the cruise liners in the port Ive always said to myself -One day.

  291. Always wanted to go on a cruise to see the northern lights it has been a dream for so long to be on board all kitted out in thermals with a mug of coca taking it natures fireworks ….

    plus been married 9 years this year would be a perfect time to take that honeymoon i have never had … plus the kids would have fun on ship too …. with all that fab food and entertainment could be a great time for a family vacation

  292. I would love to cruise with my Husband as the honeymoon we haven’t had. Seeing Scandinavia and the Northern Lights would be amazing.

  293. I am widowed and with a very small circle of friends….so in my dreams I would take Brian May,,,,,it’s well known in my family that he is the Love of my Life.

    However, in reality I would take a friend of mine called Sue. She has helped me through some very low times by just listening and sharing a pot of tea. She has a bit if a problem with her ankle and so doesn’t walk so very far…so a cruise would be perfect for her.

    Do I have to choose a cruise ! That’s difficult. My husband and I used to go to Santorini and see the cruise ships come in there. For us on our budget holiday it was a dream too far…and sadly he never got to fulfill it after cancer took him. So yes, maybe to cruise the Mediterranean ….or if I’m honest….anywhere!

  294. I would love to cruise with my husband and sons, to show them a bit of the world. The furthest my young ones have gone is to their Grandads caravan, so this would be so amazing to win! I would love to take them to see the Northern Lights, I think it would be a truly magical trip for them, one that they would never ever forget. Good luck to all who have entered! An amazing prize!

  295. I would love to win this prize and a cruise anywhere in the world would be fantastic, However, if I had to choose anywhere really special it would be the Norwegian Fjords with my husband and 2 children. When I was at school I went on a cruise to Iceland and Norway, both beautiful places, but the ship we went on left a lot to be desired. It would be great to do it in style and some comfort. I loved the scenery in Norway and would so like my husband and children to experience that too. I have my fingers crossed, and wish everyone entering good luck!

  296. I’m not entirely sure where I would choose to cruise to, but I would love to take my mum and dad away with me and my bf, because a couple of years they paid for us all to go on our first cruise, around the Caribbean of all places! I would love to return the favour!

  297. I have always wanted to go on a cruise after hearing my late Nan saying how great they were. Always been a dream of mine. Canary island cruise would be fab <3

  298. I would love to cruise in Australia, love the place. and i would love my boyfriend Michael to see it i know he`d love it there too x

  299. would love to do a cruise around Scandanavia, with my wife, and to see the Northern lights in particular

  300. I would love this Cruise and here is why!

    Ever since i was a little girl i dreamt about being on the love boat, but if you have never done it, it is a bit expensive for something to try out.

    But the adventure, of stopping in a different city everytime when you wake up, it is like Christmas every day i think…. I can imagine jumping up and down early in the morning to get outside and see where we are.

    I would go with my girlfriends, because it fits better in my love boat dreams lol, who knows we might meet a handsome man to make the picture complete.

    I would love the carribbean, but, i would not say no to a mediterranean cruise because there are some many beautiful places in Europe.

    Thanks for this chance Top Travel Europe, pick me and me and my friends will reward you with lots of beautiful pictures of every harbour we stopped:)

  301. I’d like to cruise through Norway with my fiancee – that way there would always be something beautiful to look at…

  302. I have never been on a cruise, so I would be be grateful to go anywhere 🙂
    The Pacific Islands sound nice 🙂

  303. I would love to cruise the Spanish Isles with my son. We would take in the beautiful sites, snap many photos then take a tour of the countries magnificent famous football stadiums. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation :).

  304. I would love to do a Mediterranean Cruise with my boys..we work hard and it would be lovely to celebrate life with such luxury and style. FAb competition..

  305. A family holiday cruising the Mediterranean would be a dream come true xx Life is so busy and some family time would be just brilliant !!!

  306. I’d love to cruise with my husband and children around the beautiful mediterranean and soak up the sun, culture and history,

  307. I’d love to go to a cruise of Australia! i’d like to go with my son and my partner, i don’t see my partner too much even though we live in the same house, he works away monday to friday all the way through the year as there is no work where we live in scotland for him, i miss him like mad so would be nice to spend some quality time relaxing 🙂 xxx

  308. I would love to go on a Caribbean cruise, enjoy beautiful weather, swim in the gorgeous bright blue/green waters – snorkle with the fish, bathe on the white sands, relax with my family!

  309. I would really love to go on a cruise anywhere in the world as I have never been on one & would love to say I have! With my daughter & partner it would be such great fun. A Disney Cruise would be nice which my daughter would absolutely love or Dubai, Really a cruise anywhere would be amazing as there is such lovely places to visit in this world. This would be such a fantastic trip & certainly one to remember,If I was lucky enough to win this I would be beyond grateful! Best of luck to all 🙂

  310. I’d love to take my wonderful boyfriend on a cruise to Mexico. I’ve recently had surgery and he has done such an amazing job of looking after me I think a cruise would be a great way to thank him. And he loves tequila a spicy food so I think Mexico would be a top location!

  311. I’d love to share a special European Cruise with my fianceé. It would have to be Cunard – the luxury, the romance and the time together, unforgettable.

  312. wow what an amazing prize, i would go anywhere as i haven’t been on holidays in years, would love to travel around the med and visit italy on a cruise and wake up somwhere different every morning, i would take my wonderful boyfriend who i owe alot to, my best friend and her boyfriend 🙂

  313. Would love to cruise around The Bay Of Naples area,i was there in the 90ths and it would make an excellent 25th wedding anniversary present to my lovely wife Debra

  314. I’d like to go anywhere as not had a cruise before, may be the Caribbean. I’d take my partner as in 5 years he has looked after me after 5 operations ?

  315. I would cruise around the Hebrides and Orkney’s with my wife and look for Dolphins, Whales and Puffins.

  316. I would love to do a Mediterranean Cruise with my husband. We are 30 years married in March and it would be lovely to celebrate it in such style.

  317. I would love to cruise the Adriatic , along the Dalmatian coast & stop off in the Fabulous Dubrovnik. A sure Dream Trip .With my husband & family.

  318. I would love to go on a Caribbean cruise to see all the wonderful islands and culture, I would take my Mum as it has always been her dream

  319. I have always wanted to travel to Madeira ,my parents cruised around the Mediterrean Sea and they stopped In Funchal and it was the highlight of their cruise,I would love to experience a cruise and stopping at so many fabulous cities along the way and enjoy the onboard entertainment and wonderful restaurants onboard!!!!

  320. I would cruise the Mediterranean with my hubby, particularly to Rome and Croatia. I love Rome for the history and Croatia for the beauty.

  321. Would love a cruise in the eastern mediterranean – Greece, turkey, corfu, cyprus etc. – fantastic to see all these beautiful places in one trip!

  322. i would be happy with a cruise down the river running through my local town but would love to cruise somewhere its hot with my family with me so we can all experience it together

  323. I’d love for my wife and mother inlaw to take a cruise in the Baltic they deserve a treat and love that area

  324. I would love to cruise Morrocco and the Canary Islands, there is an Island called La Palma that looks so tropical with Old Colonial buildings, just the sort of place I would love to go to! Id love to stop off in morroco too as love the buildings and pottering around medinas fragrant with spice. I would take my mom as she goes cruising all the time and says how fabulous they are but with having 5 children I Hardly get a break or have funds spare so a relaxing sight seeing cruise in the sun would be fabulous.

  325. I’d love to cruise in the caribean as many years ago I went to Barbados, but cannot afford to take my whole family. Also I learnt some Jamaican lately, If you say this word “beercan”, you can now successfully order bacon in Jamaica!!

  326. I’d love to go on a Caribbean cruise with my husband as a new honeymoon. I’ve lost over 60kgs since we met 10 years ago and he’s put on quite a few of what I’ve lost (eating my leftovers 🙂 ). I know how it is if someone hassles you about your weight so having a new honeymoon to go on where we can both feel good and enjoy the heat without finding it too much due to our weight would be a fantastic aim for him to loose the weight in going forward (which he wants to do, just finding it hard to get the motivation with life/stresses taking over). Thank you so much for considering my plea and wishing you a Happy New Year, joanne

  327. i would love to win this as i have never been abroad and would love it with my boyfriend it would be a dream thank u.

  328. I would love to go on a Disney Cruise with my 5 year old little girl and my 13 year old daughter 🙂 It would make their dreams come true. But spending time with them anywhere would be fantastic 🙂

  329. To go on a Mediterranean cruise with my daughter. She’s at a great age where she appreciates travelling and experiencing different cultures.

  330. I would love a cruise around the Caribbean islands because it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would go with my fiance.. preferably on our honeymoon! 🙂

  331. To be honest I would just love to have the chance to go on a cruise and anywhere would be amazing especially if it meant we could leave this blinking rain behind for a week or two

  332. I would go with my Wife, on a cruise in the med to Italy. Warmth, civilisation and good food.

  333. i would love to go with my hubby and kids on a disney cruise ,they look magical and memories im sure we would have forever

  334. I would love to do a middle eastern cruise for my 25th wedding anniversary, taking in egypt, Israel Jordan. I have relations in this part of the world who I have not seen since my wedding day, so that would be the icing on the cake. 😉

  335. I would cruise to Greece with my wonderful boyfriend. We love it there! Or, if money was no object, the Caribbean! WOW!

  336. I’d cruise the Greek islands, so much beautiful scenery, that you can’t reach by land. And so much great food & drink to enjoy.

  337. I would love to win this and the destination doesn’t matter i will go any where as my husband and 2 boys have never had a family holiday

  338. my dream is a Caribbean cruise it has to be the most beautiful and perfect place to cruise


  340. any where on the disney cruise with my family my kids would love this so much and i would get a much needed break hopefully in the sun

  341. I would love to cruise In Dubai with my husband and kids as I think this would be a fascinating place to cruise.

  342. I would absolutely love a chance to win the trip of a lifetime for my family like this! 🙂 As long as I have my husband and kids at my side I would happily go anywhere and be extremely grateful to cruise anywhere!

  343. I’d love to take a cruise in the Baltic with my hubby. I’ve always fancied seeing that part of the world…and what better way than by sea?

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