Feedback is very important

Dear readers,

Top Travel Europe asks you to give us feedback on how you experienced booking your holiday.

We think highly of customer service and with the help of you feedback we can take extra care in the things that matters most to you as a customer.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments behind with feedback, positive or negative, so we can keep on improving customer service.

One thought on “Feedback is very important”

  1. Feedback that came through email:

    Dear Top Travel Europe.

    We would be very happy for you to use our comments for your site, as we said before we had such a lovely time that we would like to book the same apartment next year and would appreciate details of rental prices and availability for next summer.

    When we decided to go away for the summer we left it very last minute. My husband and I trolled the Internet and found the Borgo del Torchio on another website (which we had used before) and tried to book, but due to a website error the apartment appeared to be unavailable even though the website said differently. Time was of the essence so, as the other company tried to remedy the situation, we searched for Borgo del Torchio and Toptraveleurope appeared with the same complex.

    The website was easy to navigate and the pictures were useful in assuring this was the right place for our family. After emailing Toptraveleurope with a request to rent the apartment, we received a quick response telling us the apartment was available and not only that, it was less expensive for the same apartment for the same week. It was easy to make the payment and Barbara went out of her way to make us feel welcomed when we arrived. Any communication we have had with Toptraveleurope has been quick, efficient and friendly.

    If we weren’t planning on returning to Borgo del Torchio next year we would use Toptraveleurope first to look for other places to stay in Europe. We would also feel very confident in recommending Toptraveleurope to friends and family looking to travel to Europe.

    Once again thank you so much for your company’s professionalism and friendliness in helping organise a holiday we will always remember with smiles and laughter!

    David and Roshan Josty

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