Top 12 Paris attractions. 

This week we bring you the Top 12 Paris attractions from Paris Pass. If you are looking to plan a trip to Paris, then take a look at these top attractions which are worth a visit. Whether you are organising a trip with your partner, family or friends, there is something for everyone. The ‘Paris […]

10 Astounding Places Of Our Planet. 

Science fiction films are often full of unbelievable scenery.  Such as islands flying in the sky or an Elvish house built in the trees. But the world in which we live is also full of fantastic places and strange natural formations that dazzle and amaze. And although people have changed the world beyond recognition, not all […]


Yesterdays answer: Dominican Republic. We caught everyone out with yesterdays location. Lets see if we can do it again with todays location. Stunning picture but where is it?

The world in under 5 minutes. 


Yesterdays answer: Moon Bridge. Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China. ; ) I was surpised to see so many correct answers as i thought it was quite a difficult one. So lets see if you can surprise me again with todays location. Very unusual landscape. Where is it located?


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