Top Travel Tips On-Line


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 Travel Tips. 1

 Use a private or incognito window when booking flights or hotels.

Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.


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Adding a Skype account to your mobile, laptop, ipad, tablet or any kind of device before your holiday is the cheapest and best way of staying in touch with friends and family. Be sure to add credit to your account and enjoy video calls for next to nothing. Skype is free to download and use.


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Make two photocopies of all your travel documents in case of emergency or if your documents are lost or stolen. Leave one copy with a friend or relative at home. It is always a great idea to let at least one person know exactly where you will be staying and how to contact you in an emergency. Carry the other copy with you stored separately from the originals.

Documents to make copies of include: Passport ID page. Foreign visa (if applicable). Itinerary. Hotel confirmation.  Airline ticket. Driver’s license.  Credit cards taken on the trip. Traveler’s check serial numbers.


andTravel Tips 4.

So you’re taking a break to a country where English isn’t really the most commonly spoken language, here’s a handy little tip that turns your Android phone into a translator. – without using any expensive data uploading whilst abroad. The great thing is, its FREE.